Sharing is healing

Kindsouls is a community of kindness

Free to download and use

The kindsouls community is completely free to join so that everybody is able to share what they want

Post your feelings

To share with the world how you feel today

Answer someone's post

By tapping once on their post

Send Kindness to somebody

By dragging and dropping the flower on their post

Example app on iPhone

Community Guidelines

Because we want everybody to share their true feelings, here's some advice for being a kind soul

Be Yourself

Kindsouls is a safe place for you to freely share your thoughts and feeling

Be Polite

Respect is the foundation of kind communication

Sharing is Healing

The kindsouls community is here for you, in good or bad moments

Be Kind

Help others and when you are in need, others will help you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is kindsouls available on Android?

Unfortunately, kindsouls is only available on iOS devices for now, but our developers work really hard to make it available as soon as possible on other platforms.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

You can give us your feedback about your experience on

How can I contribute to kindsouls?

You can share kindsouls, join the Moderation Team or, most importantly, just be kind everyday in your life.

Can I be a member of the moderation team?

To be a member of the moderation team, you have to be active on the application and share kindness. We will contact you and propose you to join the moderation team when your time has come :)

Can I have a username that is already taken?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Can we discuss privately on kindsouls?

For now, it is only possible to communicate through the main room, we are thinking about the best way enable private discussions between members

The Team

The people who make kindsouls such a good place

You can mail us at